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It is emerging from 10 years of full time experience in translating within the civil engineering, environmental and energy domains and first-hand engineering experience in these fields.

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The terms "expert translator" or "expertise" are frequently used among translators. However, most of the time they fail in explaining what they mean and some of them apparently believe, having bilingual skills already makes them an expert in translation.

What is necessary for the manifestation of expertise? According to Anthony Pym's tentative glossary of translation research terms*, expertise is "the performance of a task with a high degree of 1) socially recognized success, 2) efficiency and 3) holistic information processing", from which an added value is generated for the customer. While 1) and 2) are easy to understand, holistic information processing is understood by looking into cognitive sciences where this term adresses the way problems are solved on an expert level.

*From Translation Research Projects 3, ed. Anthony Pym, Tarragona: Intercultural Studies Group, 2011. pp. 75-110.