I offer holistic information processing and superior problem-solving abilities 

Read why this is important and why your company wants this 

Think about technical translations as a problem-solving process. The focus of technical translations is on intellectual domains, like construction, environment, energy. During the very process of translating, a significant amount of knowledge, skills and resources is used to achieve both, understanding the meaning of the source text and transferring it into another language. Superior problem-solving performance emerges from expertise and it can’t be found in translators in the early years of learning their profession.

Here are some distinct advantages I can offer:

Invest in a meaningful translation

Make a good investment and represent your company in the best possible manner rather than buying a basket full of literal translations. A meaning-based but accurate translation style can emerge only from understanding the specific contextual meaning of text units. As a result, it is not unusual for translations to read even better than the original.

Reach your target group

I speak the language of the target industries. I participate in the same forums, read the same industry news and I enjoy the opportunity to learn about new developments and emerging technologies while translating every day.

Not only can you afford the best quality – you can also cut costs

Quality and cost-cutting have always been strong drivers behind any specialisation. There is no reasoning behind the idea that a less specialised translator can provide a more cost-effective solution at the same quality level. If you feel my translation services are a streamlined offer just for you, it is time to find out that it is available at competitive rates.

Benefit from a very fast turnaround

I can work very efficiently and finish the tasks quickly to give it back to you. If the time is short, I can assist in the decision, which documents or parts of a projects should have priority or propose and manage a team to get the translation problem solved even faster.

During the translation process, you can focus on your own business rather on helping the translator processing your information correctly

Texts related to technical domains can be confusing for novices and that’s why they’re likely to come up with a certain amount of general questions you must take time to answer. On the contrary, experts offer a fast, implicit and holistic processing of the available information. I will require your help in very few occasions. Meanwhile you can focus on your business.

You can have a technical review of your source text for free

As a translator, I am obligated to accurately understand your text. How can I otherwise proceed to translate it? During this process of understanding any inconsistencies or errors in the source text can be revealed. I have seen many customers surprised and happy discovering this added value: