AEC – Archcitecture, civil engineering & construction

Besides the benefits of international cooperation, international construction is still a high-risk business. Civil engineering projects are almost always subject to limitations of time and money. Buildings and other construction works are usually all "one-off" prototypes. Some of the most decisive and yet also sometimes the most neglected activities in international construction are related to the translation process ... (read more)

I have a particular interest in Geotechnical Engineering since University. I am a member of the German Geotechnical Society (DGGT). 

Sustainable building and construction has always been a key area of interest for me. In 2014 I designed, obtained approval and build the new office extension for KÖNIG Consulting which included a complete energetic renovation of the building envelope and interior renovations. Construction product selection has been based on a modern life-cycle thinking (LCA).

Another interesting subject I follow intensively is related to BIM-solutions for the construction sector as a communication and collaboration tool. It all seems that the future belongs to the information and communication technology. If you have ever been involved in construction projects, you know it makes perfect sense. I believe that BIM will make a huge contribution to resource efficiency and a more sustainable future.

CleanTech – Environmental & Energy 

With regard to energy and environment, we need to reflect on which set of solutions could really make a difference on a local and global level. I feel that a shift in thinking and acting is urgently required and I love to be a part of  integrated and forward-looking ideas and projects that address the environmental, energy, and resources challenges we are facing today.