I'm a professional* technical translator. I can translate your project or product documents—even the complicated technical and legal stuff. But there's more...

The core of the company has been technical translation within the civil engineering, environmental and energy domains. My translations helped customers completing their documentation, obtaining approvals, negotiating better conditions with their suppliers and win new customers in Germany, Brazil or elsewhere while they engineer or install skyscraping structures in the middle of nowhere in the sea, develop amazing software for tomorrow's construction industry or work on great concepts that help making our world a bit more sustainable.



English into German

Portuguese into German

English into Portuguese

German into Portuguese

(Portuguese/Spanish/German into English/German/Portuguese are possible combinations I have offered in cooperation with other freelancers. Please contact me for more information)

image058Subjetc fields of expertise

Architecture, Civil Engineering, Construction



(I am usually able to cover all technical, legal or commercial dimensions)

image059Text types and file formats

 Text types (no limitations): reports, contracts, bill of quantities, technical specifications, CAD drawings, user manuals, proposals, websites, company presentations and anything else you need

File formats (you can send me almost any format):  doc(x), pdf, xls(x), indd, dwg, dxf, sdlxliff, ppt(x) and many more

What else?

More language services

ISO 17100 services such as revison, proofreading or technical review are typically required by translation agencies to check the work of other translators. I can also be hired for on-site interpreting. Occasionally I am asked to write an assessment of translation quality, which seems to be interesting for insurance companies.

A bit of engineering

As a secondary activity, I have enjoyed being hired as site egnineer or site supervisor for small or midsized infrastructure projects in Germany. It's good to meet people and take some fresh air. It's evident that transaltion customers benefit from ongoing engineering practice. On the other hand, engineering customers have also benefited from my insight and understanding as how the really big projects are managed in order to prevent the chaos. You wouldn't believe how many ideas I picked up while translating.

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*Professional means I do it full-time. Customers come back. I can make a living. I even have a certification.